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King & Bay works with Ismaili Civic to distribute face masks throughout Ontario

Posted Apr 15th, 2020 in COVID-19 Collaborators, In The News, Mission2Mask, Sidebar

Ismaili Civic is organizing their community of volunteers to lend their hand in the fight against COVID-19 through the #SOYBFaceMaskChallenge.


Ismaili Civic collaborates with King & Bay

It Began With a Pledge...

In 2017, the Canadian Ismaili Muslim community pledged 1 million volunteer service hours over a one year period.

King & Bay Give Back

The goal was to improve quality of life for Canadians.

Since that pledge, Ismaili Civic has exemplified peace, compassion and care for the vulnerable by partnering with agencies to support Canadians.

Ismaili CIVIC is mobilizing volunteers across Canada to help sew cloth face masks.

King & Bay is stepping up to assist and distribute these masks to Ontario's individuals in need.

Improving quality of life — together.