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How to Choose the Right Footwear for Different Colour Denim

Posted Nov 11th, 2022 in All News, Fundamental Style, Personal Style, Style Knowledge

Footwear plays a key role in completing an outfit, even when it comes to jeans. We're providing a guide to help men know what shoes work best with various colours of denim. 

How to Choose the Right Footwear for Different Denim Colours, King & Bay Custom Clothing, Toronto, Canada

Getting the Lower Half Right

Jeans are durable and extremely versatile which is probably why some men consider them to be a favourite trouser to wear, and why they will always be in style. From casual to business casual looks, jeans are a reliable garment with endless style possibilities. It's important for men to know how to complete the lower half of their look properly by pairing jeans with the correct footwear. From light to dark shades of denim, we're providing advice on the right shoes to wear with every colour of jeans you have in your closet.

The Best Colour Footwear to Pair with Jeans

Shoes to Pair with White or Cream Denim

White jeans can be worn anytime of year however, most men opt to wear them in the summer. In this case, summery footwear like deck shoes or suede loafers are great options. If the occasion calls for something dressier, men can choose smarter leather styles instead of casual footwear. Most colours of shoes will work white denim and we especially prefer darker colours like black, brown, and navy. 

Shoes to Pair with Stonewashed Jeans

When it comes to casual outfits, stonewashed jeans are a versatile option. The lighter the colour of stonewashed denim, the more relaxed they are. Stonewashed jeans don't typically work well with dark-coloured footwear. A better combination would be to wear shoes in lighter colours such as beige, white, tan, or light brown. For a dressed down, casual look, a great pair of sneakers would pair nicely.

Shoes to Pair with Mid-Wash Jeans

Mid-wash jeans are perfect for every day errands because they are very casual and typically work with a variety of footwear colours. That said, lighter shades such as tan, white, beige, and light grey tend to pair better with mid-wash denim. Depending on what you're wearing on top, black footwear can also work.

Shoes to Pair with Dark Denim

Most well-dressed men will have a pair of raw denim jeans in their closet. Raw denim is dark and they look great when they are paired with dark coloured footwear such as black, brown, and burgundy. Raw denim also works well neutral-coloured shoes.

Shoes to Pair with Black Jeans

Black jeans are a great choice for smart-casual events and when the dress code is business casual. They work best when paired with dark colours such as black, dark brown, burgundy, and dark green. As for the style of shoe, Chelsea boots, desert boots, loafers, and derby shoes make great pairings with black denim.

Footwear should always be an important consideration, especially for sartorial men. From light coloured jeans to raw, dark denim, wearing the right colour shoes will help you complete and elevate your final look.