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Winter Style Mistakes Men Should Avoid Making

Posted Dec 21st, 2022 in All News, Fundamental Style, Personal Style, Style Knowledge

What better time than on the first day of winter to share common cold weather style mistakes men make. Read on for our advice on how men can improve their style this season. 

Winter Style Mistakes Men Should Avoid Making, King & Bay Custom Clothing, Toronto, Canada

Warm Up With Our Cold Weather Fashion Advice

Believe it or not, men can still look stylish and fashionable during winter months. We've shared five style mistakes men often make in the winter and how to avoid them.

Avoid These Winter Style Mistakes

Wearing the Wrong Size

Just because winter weather brings colder temperatures does not mean men should forget about proper tailoring. While we all tend to concentrate on staying warm, it's still important to focus on winter style, which includes wearing garments that fit perfectly. Properly tailored clothing ensures you stay warm because, for example, wearing pants that are too baggy leads to cold air getting trapped underneath them. 

Not Wearing Colour

One of the best parts about winter is wearing colours and patterns you can't normally wear in the spring and summer. Neutral colours like black, navy, and tan work so well when paired with red, olive green, and maroon this time of year. Additionally, corduroy and tweed fabrics  are a must for winter.

Improperly Layering Garments

Some men struggle when it comes to layering their clothing in a stylish way - and layering really is an art. Begin by putting on the thinnest layer first and work your way up to heavier garments. Layering is stylish and practical because it allows you to look great while keeping warm in cold temperatures. Another important thing to remember is that each piece of clothing in the ensemble should be nice enough to wear as a standalone piece, and if it isn't, don't include the garment into the mix. Finally, ensure the complete look is aesthetically pleasing and avoid wearing too many colours, patterns, and textures at once.

Wearing the Wrong Overcoat

It's important to invest in quality garments during the winter months and overcoats are no exception. The winter season is the perfect time to experiment with overcoats that demonstrate sartorial excellence such as the black and white houndstooth shawl overcoat we featured in our Fall Winter 2022 Collection. Wool overcoats are classically stunning and they will keep you warm in the blistering cold. 

Forgetting About Footwear

Stylish men should aim to look put together from head to toe, which includes wearing the right footwear. While it should go without saying, men should avoid wearing footwear that isn't remotely waterproof in the winter. Stylish footwear options that men should consider wearing includes chukka boots and Chelsea boots. 

Men shouldn't let the cold temperatures of winter weather get in the way of their style. The mistakes discussed in our blog can be easily avoided. You can learn more about winter fashion advice by reading The King & Bay Style Blog.