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Can Men Wear Brown Shoes & Black Pants?

Posted Jan 25th, 2023 in All News, Fundamental Style, Personal Style, Style Knowledge

A critical step in making a fashion statement and completing a look is selecting the right footwear. We've shared some tips and rules for men regarding wearing brown shoes with black pants. 

Can Men Wear Brown Shoes & Black Pants?, King & Bay Custom Clothing, Toronto, Canada

What Are the Rules?

The short answer is yes - men can absolutely wear brown shoes with black pants. There are, however, some rules to follow to ensure this combination looks impressive and fashionable. We've shared our tips about this style pairing below. 

Tips When Wearing Brown Shoes with Black Pants

Don't Go Too Dark

Avoid overly dark brown shoes. They may appear as though they match your black pants however, they will likely clash and draw attention to the fact that they are mismatched. Instead, opt for lighter shades of brown that showcase more of an obvious contrast. If you have dark brown shoes and want to wear them, pair them with navy pants instead. 

Contrast Works Best

Selecting lighter shades of brown such as tan for footwear provides a clear contrast to the black pants you're wearing. This results in a thoughtful fashion choice that was intentional rather than an accidental mismatch. 

Match Your Accessories

Wearing accessories that match your shoes will tie your outfit together and improve the overall look. For example, if you are wearing light brown shoes with black pants, select a light brown belt. Adding a matching brown bag will also complete and elevate the look nicely.

Consider the Occasion

Typically, the lighter the shoe, the more casual the occasion; brown shoes tend to give the outfit an informal feel. Black chinos or jeans are casual pants that work well with brown footwear such as chukka boots. For formal occasions, it's best to wear black, formal footwear.

Wear The Right Colour Shirt

A navy or white shirt looks great when paired with black pants and brown shoes. This outfit looks intentionally stylish since all the colours are in the same colour palette.  

Men shouldn't avoid wearing black pants with brown shoes. Follow these simple rules to ensure a dapper and stylish overall look.