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The Best Fashion Tips for Soon-to-be Grooms

Posted Feb 6th, 2023 in All News, Fundamental Style, Personal Style, Style Knowledge, Wedding Suits

Naturally, brides and grooms are the centre of attention at weddings. We've provided some of our best tips to ensure grooms know what attire to wear when they say 'I do'.

Our Best Fashion Tips for Soon-to-be Grooms, King & Bay Custom Clothing, Toronto, Canada

Wedding Fashion Advice for Grooms

Your wedding day is one of the most special and important days of your life. There is so much involved in planning the perfect wedding, and in an effort to assist grooms with what to wear, we compiled some helpful tips. Read on to learn more about how to pick the best attire along with other wedding fashion advice. 

Five Tips for Grooms About Wedding Attire

Tip 1: Your wedding attire should match the formality

It's important that a groom's attire is appropriate for the wedding venue and matches the event's dress code. For example, if the dress code is black tie, then a groom should arrive wearing a tuxedo. You can also take into consideration the season and whether you're having an indoor or outdoor wedding. If your wedding is outdoors in the summer, a casual, light-coloured suit would be appropriate. For venues that are more formal such as a ballroom, grooms should wear a well-tailored suit or tuxedo. 

Tip 2: Wear attire that complements your body type

Dressing for your body type is the key to looking sharp on your wedding day. For grooms who are tall and slim, most suits and tuxedos will complement your frame. If you would like to look broader, a double-breasted suit can help you achieve this. For grooms who would like to appear leaner, opt for a fitted, dark-coloured suit that is slightly snatched at the waist, as this will help to give the impression of a leaner silhouette. Grooms who would like to appear taller can choose a two or three-buttoned jacket with a low button stance; this will help to elongate the body and it gives you plenty of scope so your shirt and tie are visible. 

Tip 3: Coordinate your attire with your partner's

Your wedding is the perfect occasion to show your guests your unique style as a couple. Use this opportunity to create a look that exudes elegance when you're standing together. If your partner is wearing something very formal, then you should match the same formal style. 

Tip 4: Coordinate your look with your groomsmen

While a groom's outfit doesn't have to match perfectly with his groomsmen, we suggest choosing outfits that complement each other. We also recommend that you select a cohesive style for your groomsmen for a more refined look. 

Tip 5: Use accessories to stand out

Once all the garments have been selected for you and your groomsmen and everyone feels confident in their attire, it's time to decide on accessories. Grooms can achieve a unique look through details. For formal affairs, your groomsmen can wear black bow ties and black vests, and you can opt to wear white accessories instead. You can also incorporate your wedding's colour scheme into your outfit by matching the bow tie, socks, or pocket square. Be creative and let your personality stand out on your special day. 

The Master Clothiers at King & Bay are sartorial experts, and custom wedding attire is our specialty. If you're a groom who needs guidance on what to wear for your wedding, contact us today. We'll assist you at every step along the way until your final wedding garment is perfect.