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Wedding Shoe Guide for Grooms: How to Pick the Perfect Pair

Posted Feb 27th, 2023 in All News, Fundamental Style, Personal Style, Style Knowledge, Wedding Suits

Looking exceptionally sophisticated on your wedding day is important. We've provided advice to help grooms decide what shoes to wear on their special day, and why wearing the right footwear is equally as important as wearing the best suit.

Wedding Shoe Guide for Grooms: How to Pick the Perfect Pair, King & Bay Custom Clothing, Toronto, Canada

Wedding Footwear for Grooms

Wearing the right footwear can make or break any outfit and this is especially true for wedding suits. While some men might not place a considerable amount of time on shoe selection, we see footwear as an opportunity to elevate your wedding day look. 

Advice to Help Grooms Choose Wedding Shoes

Consider Your Wedding's Theme

The theme and setting of your wedding plays an important part in deciding what shoes to wear on your special day. For example, a wedding taking place inside a church would require different footwear than a wedding taking place on the beach. Grooms should choose shoes that are suitable for the location. 

Coordinate the Colour

Your footwear should coordinate nicely with the wedding suit you have chosen to wear, and the colour of your shoes matters. If you have opted to wear a formal black tuxedo, ensure you select a pair of formal shoes such as a black leather pair. If you decide to wear a navy suit, then brown or tan shoes might work better. 

Formal or Informal?

Couples may decide on a specific dress code for their wedding. For black tie affairs, black oxfords would be an ideal choice for grooms to wear. Less formal shoes would work for weddings that have a more casual dress code.

Comfort & Quality are Key

Grooms should remember that they are going to wear their shoes for the duration of their wedding day, which is why quality and comfort are important considerations. Once you decide on a pair of shoes, spend some time breaking them in so you'll be comfortable on your wedding day. 

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