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The Best Colours & Fabrics for Men This Spring & Summer

Posted Mar 17th, 2022 in All News, Fundamental Style, Personal Style, Spring & Summer, SS22, Style Knowledge

Our new Spring Summer 2022 Collection is not lacking in colour or luxury fabrics. The collection embraces the new season including stunning clothing that exudes refined sophistication.

The Best Colours and Fabrics for Men This Spring & Summer, King & Bay Custom Clothing, Toronto, Canada

Spring Summer Inspired Fabrics & Colours

Each season men should refresh and assess their wardrobe. Often, in the winter, darker colours are usually worn and brighter colours are reserved for the spring and summer months. The warmer weather also means men are dressing in fabrics that are lighter to help combat the heat. We've shared the best fabrics and colour trends for men's clothing this spring and summer season. 

The Best Fabrics for Men This Spring and Summer


Cotton is a great fabric for the warmer weather that comes in the spring and summer months. Since cotton is a natural fibre, it's exceptionally breathable and comfortable. Cotton is incredibly versatile and it doesn't trap heat like synthetic materials. Our Spring Summer 2022 Collection has a variety of cotton men's clothing we know will catch your eye.


Linen is another fantastic option to select when coordinating your spring summer wardrobe. Created from the fibres of a flax plant, linen is entirely natural making it breathable and comfortable to wear in the spring and summers seasons.


Easy to recognize by its unique puckered texture, seersucker is woven in a way that keeps some of the fabric away from your skin and the space it creates lets airflow through the fabric. Seersucker is durable and light and the perfect fabric for both work clothes and casual attire.


Often confused with denim, chambray is a cotton weave that is woven using half the amount of strands as denim - so it's less coarse and lighter. Chambray is an incredibly breathable material making it a great fabric for men to wear on hot spring and summer days.


Once you select the best fabric to wear, it's time to consider the colour. The spring and summer months are the perfect time for men to introduce some colour into their wardrobe. This season you'll notice brighter colours in our collection including terracotta, mint green, and turquoise. No matter the fabric or colour you choose, you'll look great wearing King & Bay's Custom Clothing garments.

Our Spring Summer 2022 Collection features custom men's clothing made using the finest natural fabrics in a variety of colours and patterns. Our Master Clothiers are excited to share the new collection with you and would love to serve you in the lounge to assist with your spring and summer wardrobe.