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Fall Winter 2022 Collection Fashion Director Sheds Light on Collection

Posted Sep 22nd, 2022 in All News, Fundamental Style, FW 2022, Personal Style, Style Knowledge, Winter & Fall

Michael Truong, King & Bay's Fall Winter 2022 Collection Fashion Director set out to create inspiring men's custom clothing designs for the fall and winter seasons. Truong shares exciting details about this Collection along with insightful fashion advice for men.

An Interview with Michael Truong, Fashion Director, King & Bay Custom Clothing, Toronto, Canada

Inspired by the Seasons

As King & Bay's Fall Winter 2022 Collection Fashion Director, Truong finds inspiration in selecting designs that evoke excitement for the season. In this Collection, he explores sophistication and strength through each design. Read on to find out what Truong believes men should include in their wardrobe this season, why it's still okay to wear colour during fall and winter, and what inspired the fabrics and designs he chose to include in this Collection.

An Interview with Michael Truong

Q: What was the inspiration behind the colours, patterns, and styles of the Fall Winter 2022 Collection?  

A: The fall and winter seasons are always an exciting time of year for men who love fashion and cold weather. It's about taking the opportunity to get creative with layering garments and adding new fall and winter footwear. The inspiration behind this year's Fall Winter 2022 Collection was to combine a dark moody vibe that is currently trending with the classic luxury style King & Bay is known for. My approach was also to invoke the senses of our audience through bold pops of colour, fabric textures, and captivating design silhouettes. Our focus this season was to embody some of the trend elements without deviating from our classic traditional styles. King & Bay continues to evolve every season because we believe that fashion is a personal reflection of expressing individual style.  

Q: What do you look for when selecting fabrics for men in the fall and winter seasons?

A: Fabrics play such an integral role in the overall look of a garment. When it comes to selecting fabrics, I look at textures, colours, patterns, and cloth weight. As temperatures begin to fall, it's important to consider heavier fabrics such as flannels that will keep you looking fresh and feeling warm in the cooler months. For this fall and winter season, we have a vast range of beautifully milled fabrics in jersey flannels which I would highly recommend. Not only does it provide warmth, but the jersey stretch allows for maximum comfort and versatility - in my opinion, it's a must-have fabric for the season.

Q: This year we see a lot of bold colours on the runway such as red which we’ve incorporated into our Fall Winter 2022 Collection. How can men take inspiration from this and incorporate colour into their own wardrobes this season?

A: Let’s be clear - I love colour and think it should be worn during the fall and winter months. I love experimenting with different colour palettes to create unique combinations for our clients. For men who are slowly trying to embrace colour, my suggestion would be to start small and find colours that compliment their skin tone. I find that people tend to gravitate towards darker tones during the fall and winter months, but it doesn’t have to be bland. Start by adding colour in small increments through accessories such as pocket squares, ties, or socks. This aids in building more confidence to explore other avenues like a coloured dress shirt, eventually leading to a sport jacket or suit. King & Bay is recognized in the industry for our colourful, eye-catching fabrics and design ideas. Our Master Clothiers have a very exquisite taste with a keen eye for detail. They are able to help our clients establish a more confident look for any occasion.  

Q: What are some staple garments all men should include in their fall and winter wardrobes?

A: When it comes to staple garments, think about utility and versatility - you want your investment to go a long way. At the moment, I recommend opting for a flannel textured field jacket or our super luxurious overcoat. These statement pieces are fashionable and versatile and can be worn dressy or casually. I personally love to pair a hoodie under an overcoat for added warmth and style.

Q: In terms of accessories, what do you recommend men invest in this fall and winter?

A: Accessories are key elements in sprucing up your wardrobe. Sometimes we are so focused on our suits that we tend to leave out shoes and other details. Through our offering of custom footwear, clients can choose from a range of colours and styles. My favourite pair at the moment is our patina combat boot. It's great for the winter but also can pair beautifully with our bespoke denim. Another great accessory to add during fall and winter are scarves. We carry reversible cashmere and silk scarves that can add an extra punch of colour. 

Through Truong's keen fashion sense and impeccable attention to detail, men will be drawn to our Fall Winter 2022 Collection