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Advice on What Men Should Wear During Transitional Weather

Posted Oct 6th, 2022 in All News, Fundamental Style, Personal Style, Style Knowledge

Fall is our favourite season for men's fashion however, when the seasons change, the weather can be unpredictable making it difficult to know what to wear. We're providing advice on what men should wear during the transitional period between summer and fall.

Advice on What Men Should Wear During Transitional Weather, King & Bay Custom Clothing, Toronto, Canada

It's Time to Harvest Fall Fashion

Fall is often recognized as a favoured season among fashionable men. The slight new chill in the air creates an opportunity to wear sharp looks with layers of varying textures and colours. With temperature fluctuations in the early days of fall, however, it can be difficult for men to know how to dress. We're providing advice on what men should wear during this transitional time. 

Men's Fall Fashion & Transitional Weather 

Wear Layers

Significant temperature variations can take place throughout the course of a day during transitional weather. Wearing layers is a great way to be prepared for these fluctuations, and having versatile garments is essential. Cashmere sweaters, wool field jackets, unstructured blazers, and corduroy jackets are perfect garments for men to include in their layers and fall wardrobe, and why they have been featured in our Fall Winter 2022 Collection. We believe there's an art to layering garments and we provide additional styling advice which you can read about here.

Dress in Denim

A long sleeve denim shirt is perfect garment for the beginning of fall and can be worn with or without a sweater. Denim jeans are also ideal for transitional weather as they provide endless styling opportunities; they are extremely versatile and can be worn casually or more dressed up, depending on the occasion. If you are in need of a smarter look, choose a darker denim like indigo. Denim also pairs well with other men's fall fashion staples: boots, oxford shirts, and cashmere sweaters. 

Add Accessories 

Accessories are a great addition for fall and transitional weather. Cashmere scarves can be included in your layers because they can be easily removed when the weather warms up during the day. Leather gloves are another great option for cooler mornings. 

Bring Out Your Boots

There are many options to choose from when it comes to fall footwear, but our favourites are leather chukka and Chelsea boots. Both are essential for the start of fall and throughout the season because they help to complete your look and keep your feet warm. To elevate your overall look, experience the difference with King & Bay custom footwear. 

The unpredictability of the weather at the beginning of the fall season presents the challenge of knowing what men should wear. Keeping outfits as adaptable as possible with layers that can be added or removed at a moment's notice is key during transitional weather.