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The Pinstripe Suit: An Iconic Men's Fashion Staple

Posted Oct 18th, 2022 in All News, Fundamental Style, Personal Style, Style Knowledge

There are certain garments men can wear that make powerful statements, and the pinstripe suit is at the top of the list. Read our straightforward guide about the classic pinstripe suit for fashionable men.

The Pinstripe Suit: An Iconic Men's Fashion Staple, King & Bay Custom Clothing, Toronto, Canada

A Sartorial Statement

Without a doubt, the pinstripe suit is a statement piece for men. The precise vertical chalky or bold lines draw attention and get noticed. The pinstripe suit never goes out of style and it is a classic men's staple that is reinterpreted and reinvented time and time again. We've shared a helpful guide with everything you need to know about this classic sartorial masterpiece. 

A Pinstripe Suit Guide for Fashionable Men

Pinstripe vs. Chalkstripe

Pinstripes are thinner and more defined and are most often used on thinner, lighter wools. Chalkstripes are thicker and less crisp and are perfect for winter suiting on flannel fabric, especially on mid blue and dark grey tones. Generally, the narrower the stripe, the more contemporary the effect. Both chalkstripe and pinstripe look great on all styles of suits but look particularly sharp on double-breasted suits and peak lapel single-breasted suits.

Single-Breasted vs. Double-Breasted

Single-breasted suit jackets are modern and sleek and are a great choice for men who like to dress more conservatively. Whether buttoned or unbuttoned, a single-breasted jacket provides a sharp, refined look. Double-breasted suit jackets are quite elegant and the best choice for men who appreciate a classic style. They typically have peaked lapels which help to emphasize men's shoulders, creating taller, slimmer silhouettes. Double-breasted jackets have overlapping fabric in the front panel with additional rows of buttons on each side providing a decorative element.  

Choosing the Right Fabric

Selecting the best fabric such as a high-quality wool ensures your pinstripe suit will age better than one created from synthetic material. A great option is worsted flannel cloth which has an attractive textural quality that works perfectly with the pinstripe pattern. At King & Bay, we guarantee that every custom garment is made from fabric that we source from the world's finest mills because we believe in quality and sustainability.

Selecting the Best Colour

When selecting a pinstripe suit for work, grey and navy are great colour options. For styling, opt for a dress shirt in neutral hues such as white or grey. Grey and charcoal pinstripes suits are sophisticated options for events, and men can enhance the suit with dress shirts in complementary shades such as blues and purples.  

A pinstripe suit is a timeless power look for men. Regardless of what colour suit or stripe you wear, you'll standout in this iconic garment. If our guide has you excited about expanding your wardrobe with a pinstripe suit, or if you're ready to add to your collection, book an appointment with one of our Master Clothiers.