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Protect Your Investment: Wardrobe Maintenance Advice for Men

Posted Nov 7th, 2022 in All News, Fundamental Style, Personal Style, Style Knowledge

Investing in quality, custom garments ensures your closet contains luxurious pieces for various occasions. Knowing how to properly care for these garments is important, which is why we're sharing our advice on wardrobe maintenance essentials for men. 

Protect Your Investment: Wardrobe Maintenance Advice, King & Bay Custom Clothing, Toronto, Canada

The Importance of Closet Organization

Before we highlight some accessories that will help protect your garments, it's important to mention the significance of closet organization. The way you utilize the components of your closet can affect the longevity of your clothes. Maximizing the closet space can help you keep your garments organized and this will help prevent your garments from bunching and wrinkling. 

Accessories That Will Protect Your Garments

Garment Bags

Garment bags are ideal for clothing that men keep in storage such as seasonal suits. They help to protect the clothing from sun exposure, dust, and other damage. Garment bags made of breathable materials such as cotton are best for long term storage. 

Quality Hangers

Since your garments will spend a great deal of time hanging in your closet, it's important to invest in good quality hangers because they are essential to the preservation of your garments. Using the right hanger is also crucial. For example, using a shirt hanger for suits isn't ideal because it's too narrow and may damage the shoulder of the suit jacket. The proper hangers for suits are wide enough to span the back of the jacket, and also wide enough at each end to support the shoulders which helps the suit maintain its shape. Good suit hangers in the right size can increase the lifespan of your suit jackets. 

Garment Steamer 

Garment steamers are an excellent tool that help to quickly eliminate wrinkles and creases in clothing. Steam heat is also gentler on clothing as opposed to the direct heat of an iron. 

Garment Brushes

While you may utilize a lint roller before leaving the house, we highly recommend using a garment brush instead. Garment brushes use densely packed bristles to clean away particles from your clothing. They can last a lifetime and they don't have a disposable part to replace making them a sustainable product. While lint rollers can do a good job of removing particles from the surface of the fabric, garment brushes can remove lint or dust trapped in the fabric's weave.

Shoe Trees

We recommend using shoe trees to protect the longevity of your custom leather footwear. Shoe trees are wooden forms that are inserted into your shoes to preserve the shape and size of the shoe. Over time, leather shoes can crease, crack, and shrink if they aren't supported by a shoe tree. We recommend using cedar wood shoe trees as opposed to ones made of plastic.

Wardrobe maintenance can seem like a lot of work to some men, but making a deliberate effort to protect your wardrobe will ensure the custom garments in your closet stay wearable for years.