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How Men Can Look Sharp for Virtual Business Meetings

Posted Jan 30th, 2023 in All News, Business Style, Fundamental Style, Style Knowledge

Many businesses have seemed to include working from home as an option moving forward. Whether you are participating in a virtual business meeting or interviewing virtually for a new job, we have tips on what men can wear to ensure they look their best.

How Men Can Look Sharp for Virtual Business Meetings, King & Bay Custom Clothing, Toronto, Canada

Virtual Business Style

Participating in virtual business meetings from home doesn't necessarily mean men should forego their typical professional attire. Business appropriate clothing should always be worn for business meetings, even when they are virtual, unless an alternate dress code is provided. 

Tips on What Men Can Wear During Virtual Business Meetings

Dress Shirt

Men shouldn't give up on their personal style simply because they are participating in virtual meetings. Your dress shirt should align with your personal brand. Whether you choose a wrinkle-resistant fabric or iron your shirt before the meeting, your shirt should be free of wrinkles, clean, and well-fitted. Since some meetings may be formal and others informal, we recommend wearing a dress shirt that is versatile so you have the option to add a blazer and tie when needed. 


If you're ever not sure what to wear for virtual business meetings, follow the same dress code as if this meeting were taking place in person or at the office. A significant aspect of looking your best virtually is knowing what to wear. We recommend wearing a sport jacket or blazer at the start of the meeting and then taking the jacket off if necessary.


While it might make sense to only address the attire that can be seen in the frame, it's still a good idea to wear work appropriate trousers in case you stand up while on camera. Wearing a complete outfit sets the tone and ensures you are in a business state of mind. 


Transform you look with the addition of accessories and let others know you care about how you look by putting in the extra effort. Ties are the visual focal point for any outfit, especially in virtual meetings when only part of your ensemble is visible. Cufflinks are a classic accessory that can elevate a simple dress shirt. For an added touch of colour and interest, consider wearing a pocket square - and with several ways to fold them, you can have fun creating unique looks. Thoughtfully select your accessories and choose patterns and colours that convey your personal style.

Clothing plays a strong role in making impressions - and dressing formally, even for virtual meetings, gives the impression that you are serious about your work. Men who are in business should always consider what they wear, even when working from home.