Classic modern quality – Alex wears the perfect fit on his perfect day

Alex has worked with custom tailors around the world – and has landed, very happily, with King & Bay.

Alexander Won, Wedding Suit, Toronto

Looking great when it counts is important to Alex.

Alex has a strategic, analytical mind that recognizes quality.

In his role as Global Economic Sanctions Specialist with one of the top 5 Banks in Canada, he specializes in investigative payment analysis and enhanced due diligence with various lines of business including private banking, treasury and commercial clients.

It's a job that requires confidence and a look to back up that confidence.

So, when Alex chose King & Bay to dress him for his wedding, we were happy to help him nail it.

  • Hands down one of the best style consultants you will find in Toronto. I've had suits made for me from scratch at other tailors in Toronto and South Korea, but this suit trumps them all. Not only is the fit spot on, but the style is modern and the quality is fantastic. I will most definitely be getting more suits from King & Bay. I highly recommend anyone to do the same.
    Alexander Won, Global Economic Sanctions Specialist

Tough to fit? Hard to tell! 

Alex is one of those guys who can't buy suits off the rack due to his (in his words) "weird body shape." With broad shoulders and a shorter stature, regular suits just don't fit him properly.

After consulting with Kingsman Thomas Kook and going through our very detailed Master Suit process, Alexander says, "King & Bay produced the finest suit I have ever worn." 

We are very honoured by Alex's comments, and overjoyed at his satisfaction with his custom wedding suit.

And, judging from the photos, we are also honoured to have contributed just a little bit to what looks like an extraordinarily fun wedding!

Your fit, your way, every time.

Alexander Won Wedding Suit, Toronto

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